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What does recovery mean to you? Lessons from the recovery experience for research and practice PMC

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What does recovery mean to you? Lessons from the recovery experience for research and practice PMC

These might include faith-based approaches, peer support, family therapy, self-care, exercise and fitness, meditation, and mindfulness. There is no single, best course of treatment that will work for everyone. However, there are many, evidence-based therapies that have been found effective in treating mental illness and substance use disorders. Recovery is a process of change, in which people are improving their health and well-being.

Can I tell my therapist I relapsed?

Tell your therapist exactly what concerns you about potential relapsing and ask him or her what you could do. Keep in mind that relapses happen all the time, so you don't need to feel ashamed if it does happen. Instead, you can talk with your therapist about “what if” scenarios.

Nonetheless, mindfulness practices that are often taught by addiction specialists in addiction treatment programs and in addiction therapy enforce the importance of being present for one’s life. Mindfulness has become a critical therapeutic technique, often incorporated into Cognitive Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Positive Psychology, among others. Soundness also includes many other aspects of individuals’ lives that need to be tracked to obtain a full picture of an individual’s state of soundness as a whole. In recent years, new initiatives such as P4 medicineFootnote 12has increased the need to form accurate tools to measure soundness.

What Does It Mean to Be “In Recovery?”

Many addiction professionals and individuals in recovery find value in being selfless in recovery. Therapy and addiction recovery can help individuals restore empathy, compassion, and altruism that may have been lost in addiction. Addictions are often used as a means to escape reality, serving as a conduit to not be present for one’s life. Therefore, recovery from addiction naturally means that one should be facing reality more often, however, other forms of escapism may persist (binge watching Netflix, social media, etc.).

what does it mean to be in recovery

Opening the blinds lets light in and eliminates darkness all at once. Being vulnerable with others allows for one to release and begin to recover. You can access free online recovery tools, recovery meetings and more within the supportive environment of our Community Hub which is completely free to join.

S – Recovery terms

In this case, the problem is not caused by different perspectives but by a gap in interpreting the situation within the biomedical sphere. In cases number three and five, we see that individuals may also be sick when they are no longer diseased (5) and ill (3). People who have recovered from illness and disease and feel well can still receive attention from society regarding their disease (as in the case of physical disabilities resulting from a disease). This attention can be positive, such as when one is eligible for disability benefits, or negative, as in cases where the disability is visible and triggers people to stare at the disabled person or even react in disgust or discriminating ways. In case number five, individuals are still struggling with both sickness and illness. People who have recovered from leprosy disease but still struggle with illness and sickness due to their physical appearance and discrimination are examples of such a case (van Haaren et al. 2016).

  • In the final section of the article, I will suggest alternative terminologies that overcome the problems with the concept of recovery.
  • Implications for clinical and research practice are derived and future directions are discussed in closing.
  • According to this approach, psychiatric recovery indicates “staying in control of one’s life rather than an elusive state of return to the premorbid level of functioning” (ibid.).
  • They mentioned that they suffer from fatigue, lack of motivation, reduced cognitive function, and mental challenges (ibid.).
  • National Recovery Month is a national observance that is held every September to educate Americans that substance use disorder treatment and mental health services can enable those with a mental and/or substance use disorders to live healthy and rewarding lives.
  • The etymology of the verb «to heal» originates from old English, meaning “to make whole” (Online-Etymology-Dictionary n.d.).

Royal Life Centers at The Haven knows that addiction steals time, moments, control, and happiness from you. Our goal is to use a holistic approach to treat the mind, body, and spirit of each guest so that they may return to health and gain back control in their life. Royal Life Centers at The Haven offers medical detox services that will restore your health by treating both the symptoms of withdrawal and your overall mental health with medication and intensive therapies. Our medical detoxification provides 24/7 medical supervision to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.

U – Addiction recovery phrases

More specifically, do they have a positive or negative view of themselves. Self-esteem is an extremely important component of mental wellbeing. Abraham Maslow included esteem in his Hierarchy of Needs as being fundamental to an individual’s psychological needs (although sober house his view of esteem was a more external sense of esteem, but nonetheless connected to self-esteem). Functioning alcoholic – One of the addiction recovery slang terms used to describe a person who suffers from alcohol addiction but is able to function occupationally.

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